2,000 Covers Coming Right Up!

by EsinYardimliAlvesPereira
8 minutes
2,000 Covers Coming Right Up!

You read it well. Our furnace keeps running and AlbumCoverZone forges more than 2,000 hot covers… Yep, 2,000 crispy designs ready to be the face of your sound!

Yet, this number is but a small victory when considering everything else it has been achieved since we passed the milestone of 1,000 covers. We are talking about social media, newly added categories, balanced ripening of genres, and longer lists of satisfied musicians! Our dreams as designers are coming true. Our online catalogue has gained an important voice in the world of album cover designs. AlbumCoverZone is contributing to a new era of multimedia, joining musicians all around the world in ways never done before.

We have spread to the main social media platforms. Follow up AlbumCoverZone on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and get regular updates of our newest releases:




We added a new design category for the best Summer Hits out there. For the ones who want to live the sizzling Summer with the greatest music and the hottest cover designs, check out out Summer Hits link: 


2,000 covers means that our online catalogue, in constant expansion, has doubled its size in merely six months! It means that our various genres are gaining greater identity, ripening up to the perfect sweetness (or bitterness, if that is your preferred taste). This is one of the big distinctions between AlbumCoverZone and other online premade album cover design websites. The secret is in the motivation of our designers to create a catalogue that gives equal importance to various major music genres. We invite you to open two, or more, AlbumCoverZone pages with contrasting genres, let’s say Classical Music and Heavy Metal, perceive the differences between the genres, and realise how both have plenty of pro-quality options.

Our artist wallet has expanded greatly, as we can see that our covers travel to all four corners of the world. To the ones who have returned for more designs for their new music, we thank you for your trust, and to the ones who are coming to AlbumCoverZone for the first time, we welcome you with open arms.

So, go get them while they’re hot!