Budgeting the Business

by EsinYardimliAlvesPereira
8 minutes
Budgeting the Business

We all must have seen that Frank Zappa interview like a million times by now, if you haven’t please google “Frank Zappa explains the decline of music business” and spend some quality time learning some fundamentals that today experts either openly quote or simply resell when talking about marketing and music business.

Budgeting (of time and of money) was, is and will always be a huge part of the music business. There were times when the independent musician was not even a possibility, unless you were Florence Foster Jenkins (assuming you would only receive the attributes of her regarding her wealth, otherwise you wouldn’t be much of a success no matter what budget you put in your project). 

Each signature label that we either have posters from their album arts or actual LPs of, came with that one person that budgeted the whole thing; besides the epic musicians that made the music and incredible sound engineers that recorded the whole thing and, of course, amazing album cover designers that presented the epic musicians and the incredible sound engineers in their album art designs. Hence, signing to a label meant more than just finding the right people to work with; it meant financial safety net, distribution guarantee and promotional support. Today though, the musician is figuring out ways of self standing, and independence musicianship is gaining more and more recognition all around the world.

Hardly any composer until Beethoven put ink on paper without a contract or a promise, no matter how innovative, rebellious and/or unique their music was. The ones we have at least heard their names of were the ones who surely got the job done and then went beyond it by their own will. But since then independent musicianship is on the rise, taking the risk on your own is on the rise, and today doing it all by yourself seems to be more possible than ever.

How can it be done though? We have to be our own business manager while being musicians as well. One of the many hats needs to be the “budget planner” hat. Because, here it goes, the essence of this article; time is money, good gear is money, and educating yourself is money. In the meantime, money can buy time, good gear and established knowledge can save time. Trick is to find the sweet spot, invest on the thing that will pay itself in the quickest way possible, which often can be the time it saves that you will be spending to make more money at the end.

So, an independent musician’s responsibility is to organize themselves around all façades of music business and fix their time and money budget around in the most cost efficient way. And that is where we can get in to help with our premade album cover arts and our social media aimed promotional designs; because our album cover design collection can help you save up in both currencies; the time and the money. All this while your chance to make money gets higher with our top notch high quality premade album cover designs. 

Instead of e-mailing back and forth with designers that you are not 100% clicking with, to whom you need to pay by the hour, you can choose out of thousands of premade album covers our designers prepared with all kinds of sonorities in their mind. You can personalize a premade cover design in seconds to see how the final version will look and you can still ask for a tweak here or there, our designers are here to help you. The pricing of our catalogue is way more affordable than custom design works even though the album designs we present are to be exclusively owned by their purchasers. Which means the album cover design you pick from our catalogue will never be sold to anyone again; you will keep the unique design for your unique music.