What can we say? We are very proud :) 

Our catalogue of premade album covers for various music styles is growing and with every passing month we are aiming to "cover" other genres with our unique designs. 1000 has been a milestone in front of us for some time now, and reaching it only makes us look back with joy and aim further ahead. We already had many wonderful artists who used our album cover designs for their amazing works, which motivates us to reach out for more. Each album cover being unique, this is a challenging task. Our designer team is carefully taking care of this part of the mission we have, making each cover different than any other, and we take great pleasure out of this.

Our covers have so far found themselves new homes all around the globe in all sorts of musical styles. Because of this we are also very proud to say that AlbumCoverZone is the one and only service that provides album covers for such a broad spectrum of music genres. Our works are designed to match early classical music albums and they reach to the most recently created musical genres as well. We see it as our responsibility to reach out to each and every style of musician that is looking for an album cover. Because of this, our catalogue has the largest classical music and jazz premade album cover selection right next to metal and electronic music.

Now it is time to go through our database, get lost in this beautiful selection we offer that grows even more with each passing week. As we always say in the AlbumCoverZone, you do the music and we "cover" the rest. May you reach your milestones quickly as we did as well, and release your first single, your first album, your first hit as soon as possible!