On Creativity and Flow Under Stress

by PinchRareRoads
3 minutes
On Creativity and Flow Under Stress

You can do more. But you don’t have to.

If you are reading this in the spring of 2020, you are indoors due to Covid-2019 and you are either thinking of a new music piece, or you just finished producing one. Self isolation is gaining new meanings, taking down possibilities and creating others, and we are all in this together. May the reason be protecting ourselves or others, may we all come out of this chapter as healthy as possible, today we all have our responsibility to stay indoors.

How does this affect the healthy musician? No concert. No orchestra or band rehearsal. No ensemble recording session, no release party, no spring festival, no cast to shoot a video with. No busking. Though, not every musician has lost their jobs, meaning not everyone has the sudden burst of free time either.

Still, a lot of music business models were not entirely prepared for a moment like this and it is time for them to challenge themselves to reshape their formula for the current situation. Performance dependent careers are searching and finding various media tools to keep the live music alive. The new dance venue is a conference call, the new chamber music concert is a split screen video. But the modern consumer, the Streamer, is not used to paying tickets for media content yet, and such is a rule we have to shape as a collective.

While indoor productions can limit the musicians who are used to acoustic and live realities in certain aspects, the “no product-no proof” deal of today’s intensely content based creative scene pushes each and every musician to take the next step to record material, finish off that single, make that song release. As usual, consistency is the key, maybe more than ever, since there are more and more people trying for the first time to establish themselves in the music scene.

Saying this, some creative people are losing their inspiration while others are bursting with new ideas. Various condition changes shift and shape our mentalities differently, hence escapism is as valid of a creative process as expressionism. While some are setting goals for more creativity, others are choosing to hibernate in terms of production. While some of today’s musicians are focusing on the healthy days to come, the joy of love, the tale that made everyone smile, other musicians are aiming to release the emotional burden they have, reflect the feelings of the ones that have the enemy at their gates, in their homes. All paths are equally valid, natural and useful, because even more than before, there are no rules. Whichever emotional and financial state you are in, the important thing to keep in mind is that you are not alone.

One shouldn’t feel guilty of using this time for creativity as much as they can, nor one shouldn’t feel exhausted for not making more out of it. One shouldn’t avoid the happy because maintenance of the good and the beautiful is as priceless as exploring the new and expressing the negative. May the reason be protecting ourselves or others, may we all come out of this chapter as healthy as possible, today we all have our responsibility to stay indoors, and that is not normal and what comes out of it does not have to follow any expectations besides your own realistic ones.

AlbumCoverZone is here, wishing the best to everyone, and is here for the inspired ones to show their music with the visual content that will leave the first impression over their audience, because music goes on, with a library of possibilities to reflect both sides of the creative coin, the escapist and the expressionist. And we are here for the one that is waiting for the creativity to come back.