Welcome To Album Cover Zone

by RichardPearson
4 minutes
Welcome To Album Cover Zone

International startup AlbumCoverZone is creating the largest offer of unique cover designs suitable for CD covers and online music listening platforms. Perfect for independent musicians and record labels!

The music industry has been completely transformed with the digital marketing and the music scene is developing faster than ever. Nowadays your first encounter with your audience needs to be so remarkable that your future audience needs to stop swiping and realize the potential of your album on the spot.

Often this encounter is via the artwork that represents your music, which needs to be unique and direct. The statement of your music needs to be transmitted to your album cover, and create an image of your sound in the mind of the audience in seconds. Our designer team takes up this challenge and brings you new album covers every week that are ready to make just that. Once a cover is downloaded, it is no longer available to other customers. Keeping your work unique is our priority.

At AlbumCoverZone, with our innovative LiveBuild engine designed by the best, we offer a new way to obtain professionally made album covers in a matter of minutes. Our covers are made by well-established designers all around the globe. For over 20 years this intercontinental network of artists has created CD covers for independent musicians and record labels. 

We are shaping the most vibrant marketplace for musicians to create a strong and unique identity for their work. Our team is dedicated to offer only high-end content for new and established artists. We are constantly expanding our online catalogue with high-quality, high-resolution covers, and they are available to prepare a unique design for the musicians' soon-to-be-published works. At AlbumCoverZone we provide the visual bridge between the creative mind of the artists and their audience. With each passing day we are getting closer to be the industry leader and key destination for established artists and indie musicians.

Our user-friendly interface lets you the artists have the best album covers faster than ever. “All they have to do is to enter the title, the artist name and any additional information of the album and the engine takes care of the rest,” says Mike Yardley, our programmer at the AlbumCoverZone.

What You See Is What You Get, in short; WYSIWYG! Once your cover has been generated with the personalized text information you want to show to your audience (in seconds!), you can make small adjustments to the cover. You can change the sizes, placements and colors of the texts and, directly after, your album cover is ready to download. The final product comes in a variety of formats. All covers are ready for Spotify and iTunes standards. Also, the high resolution of your album cover is prepared to become your next CD cover.

With the advancements of technology and the online social transformation, the music industry has become more dynamic than ever. Everyday there is an artist or a record label releasing new music. The high demand on album cover designs led us to become more accessible to our clients, creating this online interface in which musicians and producers can have faster access to the cover they have in mind. Affordable, customizable, exclusive, and fast.” says Esin Yardimli Alves Pereira, art director at AlbumCoverZone

Take a look around in our categories designed by musicians for you to have the smoothest experience while searching, and find the album cover that feels right to you!