Path to Success - Going Solo or Working in a Team

by RichardPearson
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Path to Success - Going Solo or Working in a Team

Be that you are an aspiring musician working on releasing their first single, or an experienced recording artist, you will find yourself in moments in your life in which you must make a decision: working by yourself or teaming up with others.

In the business realm, an independent artist is no different from an entrepreneur dedicated to a non-artistic activity. Both seek the path to professional success which include creating/acquiring a quality product, attracting clients, and making sales. Both need two essential ingredients: time, and money. Specifically in the world of an independent recording artist, there are many tasks that need to be done aside from actually making music, some of which include project management, sound engineering, marketing and social media. Finding the right album art for your upcoming music release is also an important task and for that you can always count on Album Cover Zone. 

All these tasks can at times be too much for one person to manage it all. That is why it is so important to frequently evaluate your own situation and understand if you can continue doing things by yourself or if you should ask help from others. If you want some guidance on how to manage your independent musician career, check out this Independent Artists To Do List at all times available on Album Cover Zone’s blog section:

Keep in mind that there isn’t an absolute correct way of working. Sometimes you may have to work just by yourself, and other times you might need the help of a team. Working one way or the other will change throughout the various stages of your life, according to your necessities.

Going Solo

If you go solo, you know you can always go back to your office or studio and figure things out by yourself. With this way, you work with your own timings and self expectations, and by giving your best regularly you will end up creating your music, recording, mixing, mastering, and releasing it. It might be that you will need to ask things from people here and there, but  by the end of the day you are the one making the decisions and doing the craft with the quality that you deserve.

Yet, when you work alone you face the famous learning curve, because there will be many tasks (sound engineering, marketing, etc.) that you are required to do of which you might not have any experience. So this process can slow you down when compared to working with people who are experienced in these other realms. Working by yourself will require you to learn everything you need in order to reach your end goal. This extra effort and time that you put into it, will pay you back with a high degree of independence, which leads to both professional and artist satisfaction. 

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Working in a Team

When working with a team you are able to save time, for not everything falls over your shoulders. As a musician working with a full team, you would no longer need to spend your energy and time on things such as the mix of your album, the organization of future concerts, or the management of your various social media accounts where you get constant visibility and feedback. If your schedule is free of all this, then you can decide what to do with the rest of your time: make more music, read a book, or go get that well deserved sleep.

When working with others, many factors come into play, especially in the long run. When you go further along your career  you get to learn about other people’s styles of work, personal investment over a project, technical capabilities, and personality.

As your knowledge of others and the way you work with them gets more complete, you begin to screen your partnerships and understand if there is anything that needs improving. Sometimes you’ll see that the only way for you to go on, to go beyond what you’ve done so far, will be to actually let go of the people you were working with and continue your path with other professionals.

Another common thing within the style of working in a team is that, as you get more experienced, you see less and less people that match your experience. In one way, it makes it harder for you to begin new professional relationships, as there are fewer and fewer people of your level, but in another way, the people that do match your experience and personality will contribute to your work (and you to theirs) at a much higher quality level.

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