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About AlbumCoverZone

Album Design

Your Unique Sound Deserves a Unique Cover.

At AlbumCoverZone, we offer the largest and most vibrant premade album art library for musicians to visually convey the unique identity of their work. Through our innovative LiveBuild engine, anyone can obtain designed-by-professionals, exclusive premade album covers with their own personal text in a matter of minutes.
We wish that our covers become the visual bridge between the creative mind of the musician and their audience and for this reason we only offer unique and exclusive covers. Once a premade album cover is bought, it can never be sold again. Musicians, podcasters and record labels get the licensing, unlimited edit, download & resizing rights of the covers they purchase.


See Your Album Cover First. Then Pay For It.

Our LiveBuild Engine allows artists and labels to place their name, title, logo, and related texts directly on the cover layout. The system then reproduces the personalized version for free within seconds and allows you to make small adjustments to the sizes, placements and colors of the texts.
Once you are happy with the result, you may proceed to purchase the album cover of your choice and download.

Keep in mind, we not only offer premade album covers, but also unique designs by individual commission!

Online Shopping

Ready to Use.

Our covers are made following the standards of Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music and other major music streaming platforms. After purchase, you can download your cover design in various formats that are fit for usage in services such as CDbaby, Distrokid etc. for distribution of your music.
In case you need, our designers can provide personalized layouts with the album cover of your choice that are suitable for printing as well.


Promotional Materials:

We know how important it is for you to promote your music once its out there! Which is why we offer social media friendly graphics that you can personalize as well. They are made to fit various social media platforms, to be used on Instagram, FaceBook, Twitter and others to post about your new music, change your cover picture to your latest album's announcement and more.
Make sure to check our blog as well, our insightful blog writers offer useful information to new and established artists about career management and musical production, as well as an inside look to our designers’ minds and their guidelines!


Evergrowing Collection.

We have more than 4.000 covers available for immediate purchase. Our catalogue, in constant expantion, is the fastest growing premade album cover library online. Our designers create new album art every single day. They keep ourselves up-to-date by following the present trends in the album cover design world, as well as recreating cover designs inspired by the older desing fashions since the invention of album art covers.
We offer covers for a broad spectrum of musical genres - Classical, Jazz & Blues, Pop & Electronic, Rock & Metal, Folk & World music, and each one of them branches out into dozens of other styles


The Brand.

AlbumCoverZone, a startup technology company, is creating the largest and most vibrant marketplace for musicians to create a strong and unique identity for their work. We are dedicated to offer only high-end content for new and established artists. You can browse through our constantly expanding catalogue of high-quality, high-resolution covers or you can ask our designers to prepare a unique design for their soon-to-be-published works. We are hoping to be the bridge between the creative mind of the artist and their audience.