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Geyser #10468

"Echoes of Historical Reading"

a copy of the book the nebuta rebellion

$98.00  $69.00

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This album cover has 3 lines for the title, 2 lines for the artist, 1 line for the contributor, and finally 1 line for the label.

The most popular tags describing this premade album cover are historical, book, copy, reading.

“Introducing a unique and captivating music album, featuring a fusion of historical melodies and modern beats. The album cover design is a work of art in itself, reminiscent of a vintage book cover, inviting you to delve into the musical journey within. With premade album covers and premade album art, the attention to detail and creativity in this album is unparalleled. Each track is a literary masterpiece, weaving stories through sound, inviting you to immerse yourself in the music and lose yourself in its captivating melodies....”

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